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Latest News

Economic Update: Week of Feb 16 2016

Economic data last week was decent, highlighted by better-than-expected retail sales and lower jobless claims, while consumer sentiment fell somewhat.

Stock markets experienced another down week, as concerns over global growth and oil prices continued to dominate sentiment; U.S. equities outperformed foreign.  Bonds fared well as investors fled away from risk assets, which also helped precious metals continue their strong run this year.

Economic Update: Week of Feb 22 2016

Economic data on the manufacturing side showed some improvement over the prior month, although several key metrics remained in the negative.  Housing numbers released were weaker than expected, although weather could have played a role.  Inflation figures were slightly higher than expected, showing strength in the non-energy side, although conditions remain tempered overall.

Equity markets recovered globally, while the higher inflation numbers caused bond yields to tick slightly higher.  Oil prices experienced some stabilization as several nations discussed the idea of production cuts.

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